Monday, March 14, 2011

The Tie Dye Challah Adventure

The Tie Dye Challah in all it's glory.
Tie-dye challah, a Purim-related delicacy (or it should be), was inspired by Leigh Ann at The Frugal Ima's Funfetti Challah.  I am proud to say that I (initially FAILED).

Remember, when you were at summer camp, and you were learning how to tie dye shirts... If you mix all the colors together too much, then you get a sort of brown.  Well, Leigh Ann suggests Jimmies, but I didn't have them.  I'll just be resourceful, I told myself. So, I thought it would be brilliant if I mixed the rainbow non-pareils in with the flour.  You know, nice all over color look.  Well, all the color CAME OFF the non-pareils.  Fortunately, when I made this challah the reds and pinks sort of dominated, so at least we got PINK, quite princess-y dough.

In order to rectify the situation, I quickly whipped up a second batch of plain dough and kneaded in the non-pareils just before braiding.  This all would have been easier if I had had "Jimmies" in the house, like she suggests.  But I didn't. So, here is the result of both methods! I used my small batch recipe.

The Pink Dough
The Tie Dye Dough
tiedye_pink1 tiedye2
tiedye_pink2 tiedye4
Luckily, it tastes delicious! Now, to the store for Jimmies!
A Frelichen Purim


  1. How did I miss this??? I like tye-die too. xoxo