Monday, September 26, 2011


Oh. Em. Gee.  You guys.  My order from King Arthur Flour arrived today.  I am. So. Excited.

My sweet, sweet mother-in-law gave me a gift card for my birthday back in June, and I haven't spent it until last week when KAF had a big $3 shipping deal.  I splurged.  Here's what I purchased (and I still have a bit more on my card!)  The descriptions are from their website.

Unbleached Bread Flour - King Arthur’s unbleached, unbromated, high-gluten bread flour, milled from hard red spring wheat grown chiefly in the Dakotas, is perfect for yeasted baked goods-bread, rolls, pizza, and more.

Unbleached All Purpose Flour - - King Arthur unbleached, unbromated all-purpose flour (11.7% protein) is your very best friend in the kitchen.

European-Style Artisan Bread Flour - Ideal for your favorite French and Italian loaves, King Arthur's Artisan Bread Flour is the style of medium-protein flour French and Italian bakers use for their signature hearth breads.

Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour - Sprouted wheat is the best way to access the grain’s nutritional benefits. As the wheat berry grows, vitamins are formed that greatly enhance the nutrition and digestibility of the wheat. Sprouted berries are dried, then ground into flour.

Organic Kamut Flour - Discover the goodness of ancient grains. This Egyptian relative of wheat, now cultivated in North America, adds fiber, protein, and a slightly sweet taste to all your baking.

Caramel Bits - Creamy bits mix and melt easily in cakes, cookies, and muffins to create rivulets of gooey goodness.

Buttery Sweet Dough - There's a particular flavor to the Danish, sweet rolls and coffeecakes you get at the store. Is it a hint of vanilla, or butter, or...? Add a few drops of this flavoring to your favorite sweet bread recipe, and your family and friends will be clamoring for the name of the bakery you visited.

Please Note: I was not paid anything and did not receive anything for writing this post.  KAF doesn't even know I'm writing it.  I'm just really excited to start my baking with my new ingredients!


  1. Thanks! Excited to try the Kamut flour after the holidays. :)