Friday, March 2, 2012

Sprinkle Challah for Purim

I can't take credit for thinking this up.  I saw it on Leigh Ann's old blog (she now blogs here - make sure to check her out!) and tried it out last year.  It was a complete failure!  I ended up with a pink, slightly sickly sweet challah.  I pretended it tasted good.  But it really didn't.

So, in honor of Purim, we're bringing back sprinkle/multi-color/funfetti challah.  This year, we're using jimmies (did you know that we don't actually know why sprinkles are called jimmies?).

I started out with my normal old challah recipe. I floured the dough lightly to prevent the colors from running too much. Then, I just dumped on the sprinkles.
sprinkles_1 sprinkles_2

Then I just braided as normal.

Before baking, I decided there weren't nearly enough sprinkles, so I added a few more after egg-wash and baked as normal.
sprinkles_4 sprinkles_5

While we on vacation last week, the Hazz and I stopped at a paint-your-own-pottery place. I made a Shalom door plate, and the Hazz made a word bubble plate with, "V'ahavta larekha kamokha. (Love your neighbor as yourself.)" While it will probably one day end up on the wall, it made a great display plate!
sprinkles_6 sprinkles_7

Here it is in all it's glory!  Yum!

What are YOU doing to celebrate Purim (and extend perhaps extend the holiday like we are)?

A Frelichen Purim

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