Friday, January 24, 2014

Why We Bake

Oh, my poor, poor little abandoned Challah Blog.  Are there even any readers left out there?  Did my little opus make it's way into your Feedly after Google Reader (z"l) went away?  Are any of you still there?

Well, we're still here.  And we're still baking.  In fact, we've been baking a few challot lately, and we've been trying out new recipes.  But life has a way of intervening.  The Hazz and I are both in graduate programs, and we baked up the best little bun there ever was.
So, we've been cutting corners.  We make challah in big batches, and we *gasp* freeze it.  Honestly, I think it tastes great.  My tips are (1) Make sure it's very cooled before you freeze. (2) Warm in a 200-250 oven before serving.  (3) Give yourself a break, it's still homemade.
Because really, that's what it's all about right?  That we make challah, with our hands, and make it a blessing.  I'm cutting myself a bit of slack here, and I'm enjoying the ride.  I can't wait to make challah with my daughter someday (soon, she's growing so fast!).  And we'll enjoy it, and we won't be so hard on ourselves.  That's what makes this mitzvah meaningful for us.
Shabbat Shalom from our bayit to yours.  Thanks for keeping us in your readers :)


  1. I'm still here! i miss your bloggins!

  2. She's beautiful! Freezing challah is the only way to stay sane with little ones! Hope you are ok!

  3. I am new here and found you easily by a simple google search for small yield challah. Happy to find you! GBY!

  4. Still here- and I completely understand! I used to bake weekly - and then abandoned that when my son came along! In fact - it's YOU who got me back into baking challah!! Now maybe I can impart some of my own wisdom to you and pass the favor back!

    1) Make a huge batch of dough -shape your loaves, cover with oil sprayed plastic wrap then freeze as is on parchment. When solid- wrap in foil (with parchment and plastic wrap in there) and put in a ziploc in your deep freeze. When ready to bake- defrost overnight in fridge -without foil- but covered in the plastic. Let rise on counter an hour or so the next morning - then brush with egg and seeds or whatnot- and bake as usual. You've just made your very own "boxed style frozen prepared challah"- you know the ones I mean!! I can make 4-5 challahs and freeze them that way - a whole month in advance! (And I can do it any old day I please!)

    2) There are a couple brands of OU pareve frozen bread dough in grocery store these days. One is Rhodes and Kroger makes a store brand version of the same. You can get a bag of 3- 1 lb loaves and just defrost - braid- brush then bake or they also come in bags of 12 rolls or 36 rolls. I have been known to put 12 rolls in a loaf pan - let rise and bake. Done. (I have also been known to make babka or cinnamon rolls out of it!) Easiest challah ever - and still with your own hands!

    Enjoy your little one - and thank you for even the occasional post. We'll wait for you!

  5. Another newbie!! Very excited about all the ways to play with Challah...

    Question: what do you do with the portion you use for blessing, before you braid? And what blessing do you use?
    Thanks for the blog, lovin it!

  6. This is a test. <3 challah and babies!

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