Friday, June 17, 2011

View of Shabbat - June 17th - Polka Dots

It's a quiet Shabbat at home here with just The Hazz and The Mrs. We're having tomato soup and mac n' cheese with broccoli. Talk about comfort food. Nom nom.

This Shabbat, we did a small batch with 1/3 bread flour, 2/3 all purpose flour. It turned out great (well, it looks great). I'd like to introduce to you, POLKA DOT CHALLAH!
This cute method I learned from This Good Life. I eggwashed the whole shebang then used my finger dipped in egg then poppyseeds to create the effect. I'm pretty sure the possibilities are endless. I want to do like my whole hand, it's so fun.
Shabbat Shalom!


  1. You are the cutest. Shab Shal <3

  2. That's adorable! It's like a 'Barbapapa' challah! So 1970's ;)

    And thank you for linking to my blog. I hope readers like it.

    By the way: you inspired me too :) I made a six-braided challah for the first time in like... ever. I had tried it *years* ago but found the process confusing. Now I tried it again and stuck with it and it worked much better. I got quite a lovely 6-braided challah and am sure it will start looking better once I get more practice. I also made a 'flower' challah. Photos will be up later this week :)

    Shavua tov!
    This Good Life