Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do YOU think?

I'm soooo uninspired for challah this week. I don't know what to make. I know I can always make "regular" but last week's challah was such a bust. Luckily, we had LeighAnn's awesomeg guest post on Blueberry Challah to go in place of my pathetic loaf.

It's warm here in Wisconsin. Well, actually that's not true. It's completely random temperature-wise. Last Friday it was in the 70s and humid. This week it was in the 50s and rainy. Tomorrow is predicted for warm again. These temperature problems are not good for my allergies (I'm avoided Allegra lately because although I like the clear sinuses, some of the other side effects are undesirable), my clarinet reeds (did I mention I'm a musician), and my challah... which turns into lumpy, shapeless blobs.

I was actually really excited for last week's challah too... I had some bread flour for the first time to try. But I made my full batch recipe instead of my small batch. I don't know if that was the mistake or what. There was NO elasticity. No give. It was like braiding polenta, very much like the Spelt Challah. It was actually tasted great. But, it was such a bummer. The braids split and broke. I don't know what I did wrong. I was so embarassed, I didn't even take any pictures. The guests liked it, it tasted good, but it wasn't my usual standard.

So, what next? I'm thinking about attempting bread flour again, with the small batch recipe and see if I have more luck. I also have a very generous King Arthur Flour gift card that The Hazz's mother sent me for our anniversary. So, what should I buy? Should I experiment with exotics? Or buy pans? A little bit of both?

Any fancy recipes you recommend? Anything fun? Just words of advice? Talk me away from the ledge, folks!


  1. i always use bread flour for my challah - I live in FL where it is hot and humid nearly year round.

    I make a sponge by adding a cup of flour, the eggs, the salt and the oil to the yeast mix and let it sit for 10 minutes before I add the rest of the flour - have you ever tried that? it seems to make a difference... I didn't used to do it before I got my kitchenaid (back when I made it all by hand!) but if I don't now my dough gets too dry - I guess with the kitchenaid it gets a little overkneaded?)

    Buy something special with the giftcard :)


  2. How about making a challah with chopped up olives and sun-dried tomatoes? One of my favorites! :)

    You inspired me, by the way: two weeks ago, I concocted a chocolate chip and date challah after I saw your chocolate chip challah on the blog :) It was really tasty, but dense. Even so, great with a dairy meal where I ate it with real butter. Yum! :)

    This Good Life

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