Friday, August 26, 2011

Single and Double Knots


Rolls!  I like rolls.  I like that you can freeze them, you don't gorge yourself (sooo easy to do), and they're just so freaking darling!  Here are two of my favorite shapes.

Basic Knot
This is my go-to roll shape.  Easy.  Works for filled loaves (Nutella... drool), and just looks nice overall.

Step 1 - Roll out a long strand.  bring side B over side A.
Step 2 - Loop B through and keep poking up just a bit.  Adjust with hands so it's nice and snug.
singleknot1   singleknot2

Double Knot
The double knot is such a lovely flower.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 but leave a nice long tail for side A and leave a bit of room inside the knot for side A.
doubleknot2   doubleknot3

Step 3 - Bring end A up and into the roll, right snug next to B.

So, I didn't diagram for you the spiral, because... well, it's a spiral.  Also, I'm holding out on you all from showing you the single-stranded braid for rolls, because I haven't quite perfected it.  Stay tuned.

Shabbat Shalom from our bayit to yours!


  1. I'm so excited to have found your blog! I love challah and I love making and shaping challah! I can't wait to look around and see some of the creative ideas you've posted! Such a nice way to honor a mitzvah


  2. How long do the rolls take in the oven? And when you make rolls, do you make them on a separate pan from the loaf or just remove them earlier?

  3. @Miriam, thanks! It's such a pleasure and fun way to explore a mitzvah in my opinion. It's different every week.

    @Nashira, yes I usually take them out earlier. Maybe 20-25 minutes instead of 30. I usually do the same pan if I have a loaf going and just pull them out early.

  4. Those are very cool and nice 'n easy to braid too. I like making round challot, especially for the little ones :)

    This Good Life

  5. Hello! I am using your recipe for rolls today for our Christmas. But I have always had questions. At what speed on your mixer (Kitchen Aid??)do you knead your dough? I feel 2 is too slow and 4 is too fast. No 3, unfortunately. Also, I'm in AZ and my dough seems really sticky. I worry if I add too much more flour it will be dry and tough. I did add a couple more tablespoons and it was just slightly sticky instead of really sticky. I know when it is too stick, it doesn't rise well into a smooth finished roll. That is my biggest problem with breads. Wrinkly tops! Any help would be appreciated. I know it's an old post. This is a great site and your breads look wonderful. I hope I can recreate them! Thanks!