Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vacation Challah: Cinnamon Sugar Revisited

Shavua Tov from Rhode Island (which is famous for you, if you haven't heard)! The Hazz and I are visiting his parents this week. That involves relaxing, eating, playing with the dog, and general family-being-togetherness. It's great.

We took our charge to make Shabbat dinner this past Friday as an inspiration to return to an old favorite, Cinnamon Sugar Challah, and give it a bit of tweaking.

Inspired by my mom's alteration of challah into Challah Cinnamon Rolls, I opted with cinnamon sugar to use a melted margarine (you could also use butter if you're not fleisch) on each rolled out strand. This sets a nice stage and a wonderful softness for each strand.
cinnamon_1 cinnamon_2
Looking back, we would have used even more on the cinnamon sugar mixture. Really lay it on thick.
cinnamon_3 cinnamon_4
{Look, there's The Hazz.  Isn't he handsome?}

As we usually do with stuffed challot, we played it safe and just used a three-stranded braid. Make sure to keep the strands seems tucked inside the braid. (As you'll see below it won't totally help and your strands will probably still break open, but it's oh-so-worth-it.)
While we were taking photographs, our little friend Emma became very concerned about the whole ordeal. Get prepared for some serious cuteness.
Cute, no?

Bake as normal. We saved this challah for Saturday morning, and it was a wonderful Shabbat breakfast!

Shavua Tov from vacation in Rhode Island to you! (We'll be back tomorrow with another vacation challah!)


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